Status Update

March 4, 2010

I bought Global Agenda. It seems quite nice so far, however, you should consider heavily before buying it. The closest any other game i have played come to thts is TF2. They are pretty similiar: low mortality, high use of different sorts of weapon abilities, et cetera. I feel quite at home with the robotics agent, which is strange because i never got the hang of engineers.

Also, the Adventuring Academy on BrilliantGameologists has begun.



February 27, 2010

Grrrrr. This site needs a table function!

Good will saves, bad fort and ref saves

1/2 bab

1: Channel spirit, esoterica

3: Spirit Residue

5:  Master Spirits

10: Strength of the Spirits

15: Spirit Form

20: Lord of Spirits

For ease of use i have not written the dead levels.

Channel Spirit(su): At first level, the Spiritualist gains the ability to channel otherworldly spirits. As a standard action he can channel any of his known spirits, summoning it in any adjacent square and letting it take a standard action before disappearing again. He can do this an unlimited number of times per day. The spiritualist can choose a new known spirit each level. The spirits may not have more HD that the spiritualist’s class level. A spirit may be any extraplanar outsider or elemental. Every fourth level, the spiritualist may reassign one of his known spirits.

Esoterica: The spiritualist knows how to affect the spirits he channel in strange ways. Each level, he may pick a new Esoterica ability. esoterica abilities are fueled by Esoterica Points. The spiritualist has a number of Esoterica points equal to his class level*half his int modifier.

Spirit Residue: At third level, the spiritualist is affected by the spirits energy he channels. Each time he channels a spirit, he gains temporary hit points equal to twice the HD of the channeled spirit

Master Spirits(su): At fifth level, the Spiritualist gains the ability to control free-willed spirits. This functions like the turn undead ability of a cleric four levels lower than the spiritualist, except it works only on outsiders, it turns those of an opposite alignment, and rebukes those of neutral or similar alignment. This can not be used to fuel feats or class features that uses turn undead.

Strength of the Spirits: at tenth level, the spiritualist may pick a single special ability, ability score, or natural attack of one of his spirits. He gains that feature, and if it is an ability score, he adds the bonus to his own(not the ability score modifier, but the racial bonus to the actual ability score). this may be reallocated once a week.

Spirit form(su): at level 15, the spirit master gain the ability to assume the form of his known spirits. this functions as a polymorph spell, and can be used once per encounter.

Lord of Spirits: At 20th level, the spirit master attains unequaled knowledge and mastery of spirits. His list of known spirits expand to include every extraplanar outsider or elemental whose HD are less than or equal to his class level.

Campaign Setting

February 26, 2010

While i was on my skiing vacation, i decided to create a campaign setting. Mostly because i thought it’d be fun to try, but also because it would provide a certain unified concept for all the crazy ideas floating around inside my head. Anyway, i thought a lot about it, and realizing that all campaign settings needs a central idea as a starting point, i came up with this:

No Magic.

realizing the implications of that on a fantasy setting, i decided to limit it to arcane magic. Divine magic stays. so does Psionics, which i want give a more central role. In addition, spell-like abilities still work, and i am thinking of making creatures with an arcane spellcasting progression(per standard, creatures who have this lose it though).

I expect it to be fairly normal to summon creatures with SLA’s of arcane spells that you want. therefore, i am working on a Base class to centralize this. coming soon!


February 23, 2010

The Admins of Brilliant Gameologists finally got up to creating a subforum for the Adventuring Academy. I can Finally get this off the table. Nice!

I am considering buying Global Agenda. trying to convince my friends that it seems cool.

Back from the Brink

February 21, 2010

I am back!

The skiing trip went largely uninteresting, except from one of my far-out relatives acquainting me with the wonderful piece of humor that is Zombieland. This is an absolutely outstanding movie in all ways, and a must watch for ANYONE. Yes, even you, dude who hates zombie movies.

Also, i read the first two Discworld novels, The Color of Magic and The light Fantastic. The same rules applies for this as does to zombieland (except you have to read, not watch it).


February 13, 2010

Skiing tomorrow! Yeah!

Adventuring academy

February 7, 2010

As i posted yesterday, i am coming back to Dnd CO.

I took a look of what have befallen one of the projects that i abandoned when i left, the adventuring academy Co based pbp game, and what do i find. A guy named Kaelik has taken over the project, supervising people’s character creation.

So the project werent dead. Nice. I am going to focus my efforts on getting this jumpstarted.

Dungeons and Skiing

February 6, 2010

I have returned to the profane practice of DnD Min/Maxing. I was bored this afternoon, so i dug out all the old books and whacked together an evil summoner build, using demonoligst(BoVD), malconvoker(CS), and nar demonbinder(UE), in a completely trackless fashion that will be capable of nothing but summoning. But it revived some deeply buried gears inside my brain, and before i knew it it was off to resurrect my brillinatgameologists user.

In unrelated news, i am going skiing in a weeks time. I packed seven books for a week, so skiing is not all that will be going on im sure.

Starting Up

January 31, 2010

First Post!

yeah, so the first post is the most difficult (or so i am told by friends who have blogs).

I reckoned ill just have to get over it, so here goes a summary of my week:

I finished my math project(on evening before turn-in)

I got to level 43 in COD: MW2 (thats where you unlock the extremely exciting c4 explosive)

I started my re-read of Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. still an absolutely brilliant book.